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Happy Quokkas

The Mindful Degens' Genesis Token

Before the Mindful Degens, there were the Happy Quokkas, one of the first mental health focused projects in the Solana ecosystem.

Conceived in mid-2021 the project was looking to bring more purpose to the pfp NFT space. The project was bootstrapped by one of the founders with the other founder focused on operations.

The art was completed, the roadmap built out, and the candy machine launched. However, a few weeks after launch a majority of the core team departed the project –  specifically the developer, the operations director, and the lead content marketer.

Things were looking rough but a new team formed to support the remaining co-founder and after a couple months of trying to salvage the project, The Mindful Degens evolved out of it.

As the project which lead to the conception of The Mindful Degens, it only made sense to adopt the collection as our master token to the community.

Stay tuned…